Key Fat Diminisher Tips

Fat Diminisher Tips to Help Night-Shift Workers Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Weight reduction is already a hard enough task. What more if factors like working the night shift is added in the issue? Well, losing weight and staying fit will certainly be made more difficult. But with the right fat diminisher tips to guide you, jumpstarting your weight loss would be a piece of cake.

The Weight Loss Dilemma in Working Night Shift – Fat Diminisher

A study once revealed that night-shift workers tend to be more prone in gaining weight compared to those working during the daytime. Graveyard shift work is also hazardous to the health since it disrupts the circadian rhythm. As what researchers guess, the disruption of the circadian rhythm is one of the key driving forces behind weight gain and negative health effects. Other driving forces include declining dietary quality and not getting enough restful sleep.

True, there is nothing that can be done about your disrupted circadian rhythm. But you can still work on your diet and ensure to get enough sleep, which is what the fat diminisher tips are centered on.

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Key Fat Diminisher Tips

  • Meal Planning

As hard as it may be, it is vital for you to start planning your meals ahead of time to promote a healthy diet and keep your metabolism running optimally. This is especially important for the meals you would eat when you get home after your shift. By having your meals pre-planned and pre-made, it will be easier to stick to healthy eating.

Other essential food-related tips to keep in mind include cutting about 50 to 60 calories from your diet every day. Some steps you could take to achieve this includes consuming whole fruits instead of dried ones, replacing a serving of juice or soda with water and ordering a tall latte as an alternative to a venti.

Want to burn as much calories as your body would during the day while sleeping? That can be achieved by making it a habit to eat a carb-heavy meal after your shift. Contrary to what you are thinking now, you don’t store carbs as fat if it is eaten before bedtime. This is proven in the study conducted by the European Journal Nutrition. The data showed that subjects who consumed carbs before bedtime burned more calories after getting 8 hours of sleep.


  • Sleep

fat diminisher systemKeep in mind that working the night shift leaves you with no choice but to rest during the day. It is also the same time when the body is burning fewer calories. Add in your disrupted circadian rhythm, which plays a role on how well your metabolism works, and the more you will struggle with weight gain.

Experts say that one way you can counteract that effect is by getting enough rest. With enough rest, your circadian rhythm won’t get affected, which means that your metabolism will remain working optimally. Hence, you need to start developing a healthy sleeping habit now to jumpstart your body’s fat diminisher cycle. Napping at least 20-30 minutes during each workday of the week to recharge yourself mentally and 90 minutes during your off days should be on top of those habits.

Create some sleep triggers as well. You can establish your sleep trigger by simply doing the same thing before every bedtime. Some good examples of sleep triggers are meditating, enjoying a hot shower or listening to soothing music.

There may be nothing you can do with your shifting work, but there are still several things in your life that you can control to ensure your overall well-being. And these two fat diminisher tips are a good way to start.

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